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10.3. Enabling the AWS API Compatible Interface

The software that provides AWS API compatibility is installed along with CloudPlatform. However, you must enable the feature and perform some setup steps.
  1. Set the global configuration parameter enable.ec2.api to true. See Chapter 7, Setting Global Configuration Parameters.
  2. Create a set of CloudStack service offerings with names that match the Amazon service offerings. You can do this through the CloudStack UI as described in the Administration Guide.


    Be sure you have included the Amazon default service offering, m1.small.
  3. If you did not already do so when you set the configuration parameter in step 1, restart the Management Server.
    # service cloud-management restart
  4. (Optional) The AWS API listens for requests on port 7080. If you prefer AWS API to listen on another port, you can change it as follows:
    1. Edit the files /etc/cloud/management/server.xml, /etc/cloud/management/server-nonssl.xml, and /etc/cloud/management/server-ssl.xml.
    2. In each file, find the tag <Service name="Catalina7080">. Under this tag, locate <Connector executor="tomcatThreadPool-internal" port= ....<.
    3. Change the port to whatever port you want to use, then save the files.
    4. Restart the Management Server.


      If you re-install CloudStack, you will have to make these changes again.